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Equipment Spotlight


We have expanded our ability in programming and producing parts from our Haas VF 2 CNC Mill. Our Mastercam Certified programmer gives us the capability to produce more complex parts from 2D or 3D part Prints/Models. This also gives us the ability to process parts at a more reasonable cost due to the speed and accuracy of our CNC Mill.

L&L Machine & Tool

Here at L&L Machine we pride ourself on giving industry leading “Lead Times”. Our lead times are generally 2-3 weeks with a 97% success rate of meeting or beating this time frame. We will always make every effort to accommodate shorter lead times whenever possible. We often will expedite orders when requested. We are here to help in any way possible to keep all parties satisfied.

Our Capabilities

We can accommodate a wide variety of machining needs. We have the experience, and capability to machine tight tolerance parts. Up to .0001” of an inch. We also have the connections to quickly turn around parts needing heat treating, black oxide, zinc plating, powder coat, painted, or electropolished.

Reverse Engineering

With our many years of experience we have the ability to recreate parts from a sample if brought in. We can also draw parts in CAD!

CAD Software

We utilize multiple types of CAD software for our machining centers and our wire EDM. We have: Mastercam, Autocad, Bobwire, and BobCad. This allows us to open these different file types: DWG, DXF, IGES, MCX-7, STEP, STP, X_B, X_T, and all Mastercam Files. L&L Machine is Mastercam certified.

CNC Machining & Grinding


Edge detection system and touchscreen PC running - M2 metrology readout. M2 metrology redout software allows you to draw the part with part view and easily create a tolerance sheet which you can save and print out for records. This comparator features resolution of 0.001mm / 0.00005" along with a floating-type workstage that incorporates linear scales for fast and accurate measurements.


Fast, Precise Machine. 3D Machining Capabilities, and works great with our Mastercam software. We are also Mastercam Certified.


Large CNC milling machines for small or large parts.


We have a variety of CNC knee mills, and lathes that we utilize everyday here at L&L Machine & Tool. The machines are used for many of our one off parts, or prototypes that we make in house. Each of our knee mills and lathes are outfitted with either an Acu-rite or Prototrak control, and they all have glass scales for precise tracking of movements.


Reliable precision surface grinder with good sized magnetic table to satisfy many different grinding needs.

Brother HS-70A Wire EDM


300 mm2/min and high-speed automatic threading


0.1 μm pitch optical linear scale and 2.5 μmRy surface roughness


Efficient with difficult cuts or hardened metals.

4 Axis

4 axis movements to satisfy many different cutting needs

New Equipment



We have purchased a new 3D Printer. Comgrow T500 – 3D Printer. This 3D Printer has a large printing area of 500mm x 500mm x 500mm (19.685” x 19.685” x 19.685”) with precise linear rails for X, Y, & Z Axis. It also has an auto leveling table that has a 49 point auto leveling system. This printer can print using any of these materials: PLA / PETG / CARBON FIBER / TPU. Purchasing this machine gives us the ability to produce low-cost prototyping, and sample parts for testing/fitment needs. Purchasing this machine gives us the ability to produce low-cost prototyping, and sample parts for testing/fitment needs.

Finishing Services

In House

– Heat Treating

Protect your parts

Network of Contacts for Finishing Services

– Black Oxide

Corrosion resistance

– Custom Anodizing

Protect and add color to your part

– Nickel Plating

Corrosion and wear resistance

– Electropolishing

Great for sterile environments

– Powder Coat

Even coating tougher than paint

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    Our History

    For the past 25+ years L & L Machine has been providing Jackson County, and the surrounding areas, with high quality machined products, fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and top notch customer service. Our team has 100+ years of experience in the machining / manufacturing industry.

    L&L Machine was started in 1992 by Larry Hager. Once established Larry moved into our current location at 415 Condad Ave. After being in the building for a few months Larry decided to purchase the property. The purchase allowed for Larry to expand the building. The expansion opened up the shop floor to where it is today. In 2004 our Secure Mount™ line was created. This came about when a Bio Med from the local Foote Hospital (now Henry Ford Allegiance Health) contacted us to see if we could come up with a solution for medical cable management. This was tackled head on by our talented team. Having a combined 100+ years of experience in machining meant that we were able to come up with many solutions that have helped not only our local hospital, but many more medical facilities and businesses around the United States.

    Exceeding our customer’s expectations will always be our top priority. We welcome all customers and no job is too small. Please stop in and visit us or give us a call. We appreciate the opportunity to service your needs.

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